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Erik van Mechelen's work toward ending election corruption and re-establishing accountability started in 2021. Joining grassroots county commissioner meetings, he learned more about election laws, process, and electronic systems—he published a brief book on his initial findings called [S]elections in Minnesota. He ran for MN Secretary of State as a republican in the August 9, 2022 primary election, accruing nearly 111,000 votes (36.9%).

Erik also helps people discover and share their stories in written form.

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Read [S]elections in Minnesota: An Introduction to How Machines Controlled 2020

[S]elections in Minnesota: An Introduction to How Machines Controlled 2020 and Why We Must Return to Hand Counted Paper Ballots

An introduction to how machines, mass mail-in ballots, and corrupted voter rolls controlled our elections in 2020 (and how they did again in 2022) and what county commissioners, candidates, and patriots can do right now to make our elections trustworthy, for the first time in our lives.

[S]elections in Minnesota: How Machines Controlled the 2020 Election

Paperback (June 27, 2022): Barnes & Nobles | Amazon | Bookshop
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Recent News

MNGOP Executive Director Calls Police to Remove Independent Media (12-minute audio footage)

van Mechelen is a petitioner in the Minnesota Supreme Court Case File A22-1081, a petition to correct errors and omissions under Minnesota Statute §204B.44 when new voting systems were introduced without appropriate public notice and public demonstration.

Learn more about this filing: View Exhibits.

Exhibits for A22-1081

Man Assaulted By Rosemount Councilmember's Son After Serving Paperwork for Election Petition

Jan 2022 - MNSOS Steve Simon Declines to Perform Forensic Audit of Crow Wing County's 2020 General Election Despite 4-1 Vote in Favor

van Mechelen is one of first 8 signers of the Contract with America II, an Oath to Restore Election Integrity to the States

Oath for Election Integrity

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