Choose Candidates on Aug 9 that have SHOWN You They Have the Capability to Achieve TRUE Election Integrity

The Electronic Voting System Can Swap and Manipulate Votes (July 12, 2022)

For too long, we've worshiped self-described experts with elegant talking points.

For too long, we've trusted the Party process to choose republican candidates.

For too long, we haven't truly THOUGHT about who should represent us and be a public servant in office, whether in the school board, legislature, or the Office of the Secretary of State.

Now, we must vote for candidates that have PROVEN to you that they have been successful in making changes they say they seek. Even then, with the election cartel's ability to rig elections through mass mail in ballots (as seen in 2000 Mules) and electronic manipulation (as seen in Selection Code), our showing up in huge numbers in person to vote for America First candidates may not be enough to win every race—but we have to try.

As seen in Colorado (Tina Peters), Georgia (Kandiss Taylor), and elsewhere, primary elections are already being visibly rigged, republican vs. republican. But in Arizona last week, Kari Lake was propelled to victory by 70/30 in-person support over the establishment pick. A true win for We the People and true election integrity.

On primary election night, August 9, 2022, here in Minnesota I will be watching several pivotal county commissioner, senate, and house races in addition the secretary of state race for which I am a republican candidate. The MNGOP doesn't want you to read this website, but you've made it. Dig into the data. Continue spreading the truth. Never, ever, give up.

Get up to the minute election night reporting for Minnesota starting on August 9, 2022 HERE and commentary through my substack newsletter, Midwest Seeds.

Take Action

While voting is very important, we must also endeavor mightily to fix our broken election process and system.

Don't wait for someone else to clean up your local elections. It's time to dig in to understanding the laws, process, and systems of elections in our cities, counties, and states. If not you, who?

Get started here. (Link to action items based on skill and time commitment.)

Take action now.

Breaking News

van Mechelen is a petitioner in the Minnesota Supreme Court Case File A22-1081, a petition to correct errors and omissions under Minnesota Statute §204B.44 when new voting systems were introduced without appropriate public notice and public demonstration.

Learn more about this filing: View Exhibits.

Exhibits for A22-1081

Man Assaulted By Rosemount Councilmember's Son After Serving Paperwork for Election Petition

Jan 2022 - MNSOS Steve Simon Declines to Perform Forensic Audit of Crow Wing County's 2020 General Election Despite 4-1 Vote in Favor

van Mechelen is one of first 8 signers of the Contract with America II, an Oath to Restore Election Integrity to the States

Oath for Election Integrity

[S]elections in Minnesota: How Machines Controlled 2020

An introduction to how machines controlled our elections in 2020 (and how they may in 2022) and what county commissioners, candidates, and patriots can do right now to make our elections trustworthy, for the first time in our lives.

[S]elections in Minnesota: How Machines Controlled the 2020 Election

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Upcoming Events

July 28 - Big Lake
July 30 - 50 Miles to Support 50 States Returning to Hand Tallying Paper Ballots
Aug 1 - Public Tabulator Testing, Wright County, 9am
Aug 1 - St. Michael Theater, 2000 Mules, 6pm
Aug 2 - Sherburne County Commissioner Meeting
Aug 2 - Perham, 5pm
Aug 3 - Anoka Strategy Session
Aug 9 - Vote in the Primary Election, as late in day as possible
Aug 10 - 219k Minnesotans vote for TRUE election integrity
Aug 11 - Will counties certify their elections before releasing cast vote record report to the public for 100% transparency of machine results?
Aug 16 - Rochester (penciled in)
Aug 17 - 8pm online "Q & A" (link coming)
Aug 18 - St. Joseph, Sal's Bar and Grill
Aug 20/21 - Moment of Truth Summit
To be announced: Standing in the Gap (The Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates)

Minnesotans Standing in the Gap

A compilation of Minnesotans in county commissioner meetings since 2021.
Did Sherburne County violate election laws?

No Mail-In Ballots, No Machines

We've gone from "prove it" to "what can we do about it?" Here's what you can do...

If you do not accept the machines counting votes, make your voice heard at county commissioners meetings and city and township board meetings.

If no one is yet doing this in your county, be a leader. Speak from what you know and emphasize:

  • Paper pollbooks to reduce registration inflation
  • No electronic voting machines or tabulation systems
  • Hand tally (hand count) the paper ballots
  • The MN legislature should ban drop boxes and absentee / mail-in ballots (except for long-distance military, disabled, or sick)
  • County Commissioners, Cities, and Townships have the power to remove epollbooks, electronic voting equipment, and return to hand tallying paper

Click on the links, images, and videos below for context.

You may also enjoy this "mix" called Never Again 2020 as well as Part II.

How to Improve Elections

"This is not simply another four-year election."

Introduction to the County Commissioner Strategy (with Mark Bishofsky)

30 Minutes on How to Improve Elections (with Mark Bishofsky)
Machines in MN (June 12, 2022)
The Electronic Voting System Can Swap and Manipulate Votes (July 12, 2022)
Calling for ALL Minnesota Counties to Turn on Cast Vote Records (CVR)
Sherburne County Government Center (May 3, 2022)

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